August 2013 Update

August 4th, 2013

One thing that never changes in life is that life always changes.  We’ve been experiencing this reality first hand over the past several months. I apologize for neglecting to keep you in the loop to the activities of our life; however, we have literally been in survival mode since May.

As you may know, we’ve been able to survive financially over the past several years thanks to the combination of a support base, book and study sales, and speaking at and mobilizing churches.  We knew settling in Colorado would mean that we would need to find a new way to help support our mission.  We determined that Passion to Action Studios (providing high quality wedding, business and non-profit videos) was a viable way to do that and over the past year it has helped bring in much needed revenue to keep us afloat.  While P2A Studios has helped, we found that we were just barely keeping our heads above water month after month.

After much thought, reflection, prayer and a significant financial shortfall in April, we knew something needed to change.  I had to face the reality that too much pressure was being placed on Ben to help provide for our family as we do P2A Studios together, not to mention that his desire is to travel overseas with YWAM in January of 2014.

In the beginning of May, the patient (our financial situation) was in critical condition, was bleeding out, and something needed to happen quickly to revive him. I’ve always said I’ll do whatever it takes to provide for our family and to keep our mission going – I’ll dig a ditch if I have to. Thankfully, I haven’t had to dig a ditch, but I did take a job at the Renaissance Hotel in Denver schlepping luggage as a bellman.

Over the last several months, it seemed as though God was shutting the door for me to stay in full-time vocational ministry and that He was leading me to go back into the business world.  After wrestling through this and experiencing many closed doors, I finally came to the realization that I needed to pursue a career position that would better provide for my family.  After two and a half months of sending out dozens of resumes and going to scores of networking meetings and interviews, I finally landed a job with Wells Fargo Private Mortgage Banking.  I start tomorrow (Monday, Aug. 5th) and I can’t tell you how excited I am to work regular hours and not have to work nights and weekends.  While I never thought I would get back into the mortgage business, I’m thrilled to work with a company like Wells Fargo and I’m grateful I can do loans in any state in the country.

We are still evaluating what God has for Passion to Action in this new season, but our desire it to keep our monthly service days and potentially the monthly worship nights.  We will also continue to work with churches that are interested in doing the Passion to Action small group study.  Because I will be straight commission, it’s critical that I build up my business this first year, so unfortunately, we won’t be joining Toth Ministries for the 19 day road trip we had planned for September. However, we are still planning to do a short-term mission trip to Juarez Mexico in October.

Our next planned service project is on September 7th with the Neighborhood Rehab Project in Golden, which helps low income, elderly, or disabled people maintain their homes in a way that keeps them safe, warm and dry.

The other difficult thing we’ve had to come to terms with is that we need to sell the RV.  Our dream was to keep it and eventually have a ministry center where we can use it for various ministry purposes, but the reality is that we haven’t been utilizing it as much as we had hoped to. Selling it provides money for us to use as a down payment on house in a year or so.  Last week we began the painful process of peeling off the P2A wrap and now we are fixing up some things so we can put it up for sale in the next month. Please pray that it sells quickly!

We realize this change of events may come as a surprise to you ~ it sure did to us. As we sought God, we feel at peace with Him placing us in a season of rebuilding, renewing and rest. Traveling for 5 years took a toll on our family and as many of you have experienced, moving to a new state takes time, energy and effort, most of which we didn’t have when we arrived here. We are still in the process of settling and it’s taking much longer than any of us anticipated. We are still hoping and believing that down the road, we will build a ministry center here. It’s a big dream and we realize it may take years in the making. That will be another mountain, just as moving into an RV was and for now we are thankful God knows what we can handle better than we do!

We value you and greatly appreciate your love, prayer and financial support.  We appreciate you journeying with us even though things look much different than we had anticipated coming to Denver.  Please know we still need your support especially during this transitional time.  If you have any questions that we haven’t answered please feel free to contact me at 678-520-0940.