A Fresh Vision

December 18th, 2012

Being in one location and settling into the duplex in Denver has allowed us to pray, dream and think through what our next steps will be as a ministry. (On a side note, I promised last month that we would post pictures of the duplex once it was completed. To view pictures of the duplex before  and during the remodel click here.  To view pictures after the remodel click here.) Our mission is and will continue to be, “To inspire, empower, and mobilize people to put their faith in action.” The way we intend to move forward with this mission is to accomplish it through the lens of Acts 1:8, where Jesus commands His disciples to go into Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.

Our Jerusalem is now Denver and we believe the most effective way to mobilize people into action here is by offering the following:

  1. Monthly Worship Nights

Belief:  We believe the “one thing” worth going after is oneness and intimacy with the Father. A deep relationship with God gives our lives meaning and purpose and fills us up to overflowing so we have something to pour out to a world in need. Worshiping God and walking in relationship with Him not only fills us up, but is also a weapon that is wielded against the forces of darkness.

The Plan: (1) Our plan is to start with a monthly worship night where we spend time worshiping, listening to God’s voice, sharing His Word, encouraging each other, and praying for the city. Our dream is that we would eventually have hundreds of worshipers come together across denominational lines to seek God’s face and press into all that is available to us as sons and daughters.  Until that day, we will start with anyone who is hungry and meet in our living room on the south side of the duplex.  (2) The monthly worship night will also be a time to create awareness and highlight strategic ministry partners who are caring for the marginalized and those hurting in the city.  We will show a short 3-5 minute video (that we create) that shows what the organization or ministry is doing and then give people an opportunity to serve with that ministry on another Saturday scheduled during the month.

  1. Monthly Service Projects

Belief:   Intimacy with God is essential, but we also believe if our worship and pursuit of God never materialize into action, then our faith is dead (James 2:17). As God’s children, we are called to do something about the pain and injustice that exists in the world. We are ambassadors who will show others that He is good. How will the hurting know that God is kind, generous, loving, forgiving, and accepting if they only experience condemnation, judgment, or indifference?

The Plan: We intend to mobilize people and catapult them into action to awaken them to the needs that are all around them.  With this in mind, we intend to partner with ministries and organizations that focus their efforts serving: widows, orphans, refugees, children, homeless, prisoners and acts of random kindness (ARKs).  Our goal will be to identify key partners whom we can join hands with and help infuse them with volunteers and resources.  One Saturday a month, we will have people come to a central location where we will give a brief overview of the organization(s) being served, along with a short training time.  After serving together, we will come together for a short debriefing time to share what was learned and what experiences people had.   The goal of these service projects is to expose people to a variety of ministries and organizations in their community so they have the opportunity to commit to serving with one of these organizations over the long haul.

  1. P2A Small Group Study

Belief: We believe that it’s critical that we empower people with tools and resources to serve others effectively. We have found that if we aren’t careful, our service can unintentionally cause more harm than good. The Passion to Action Small Group Study was designed to help people discover God’s heart, their purpose and how to best serve others.  We are passionate about passing on the valuable lessons we’ve learned from traveling the country serving those in need over the past 4 ½ years.

The Plan: We will offer and lead our study on an on-going basis over the course of 8 or 12 weeks.  Not only does the study lay a foundation for service built on God’s passion and love for us, but it also teaches powerful community development principals and helps people uncover how their unique personality, strengths, spiritual gifts, and passions can be leveraged to serve others.  Dozens of groups all over the country have been impacted by the study and we are excited to lead people through it here in Denver. To learn more about the study and to see a video overview of it click here.

Our Judea is the communities we’ve had the privilege of working with around the country over the past 4 ½ years.

The Plan: (1) We’ve been invited to help empower and mobilize a network of people who are part of a ministry called JWAR (Jesus Was a Rebel). They presently have 8 communities, mostly in the Midwest, which they call, Rebel Town.  We are currently praying and discussing the possibility of partnering with JWAR and Toth Ministries by embarking on a three to four week tour this summer in the P2A RV, where we would visit Rebel Town Communities along with churches we have worked with to lead them in worship and service projects in their communities.  (2) Our desire is also to utilize the P2A RV to do short trips during the summer to work with new communities who desire to be mobilized.

We believe Samaria represents the people and places we are uncomfortable going to or working with. Our Samaria includes the local service projects we will do, as well as short-term trips.

The Plan:  We would like to plan a short-term missions trip for the fall of this year with Amigos Ministries in Juarez, Mexico.  Juarez is currently the murder capital of the world and a place many people avoid out of fear. Directors of Amigos, Matt & Misty Lindsey, “have hope that flows from the understanding that God is good, that he loves his children and wants to see them thrive. They believe that every person has been created in the image of God, and that every individual has immense worth. One of their greatest hopes is to see the dignity of Juarez restored- that the oppressed will rise up, walk in their own worth, and work together to reclaim the honor of their city”.

Ends of the Earth
Our Ends of the Earth is … well … the ends of the earth!

The Plan:  As we were greatly impacted and changed by going to Africa, we would like to be the catalyst for others and have a short-term missions “wing” called, P2A Short-Term Missions (creative name, huh?). We believe our first trip will take place in 2014.  Our desire is to do 12-day trips to places like Africa, India, China and South America.
As you can see, we have a lot of big dreams and many things to begin planning.  We know it will take time to implement these things and to continue to build partnerships and relationships with people here in Denver. On a side note, we also have a lot of work to do to update our website to reflect our new vision for Passion to Action, so that is to come as well.

Passion to Action | Studios
One of the many challenges we have faced landing in Denver is developing a funding strategy. While we have monthly donations, it’s not nearly enough to support us full-time. A large chunk of our funding on the road came from speaking engagements and book, small group study and P2A merchandise sales. Now that we are in one location, we are able to pursue our video production business, which we are calling Passion to Action | Studios. We recently sold our Sony EX1 video camera and upgraded to the Canon 5d Mark 3 DSLR camera. The quality and capabilities of this camera are extraordinary and has taken us to a new level of professionalism. Ben has grown tremendously in his ability as a videographer and editor, and with my sales experience, we’ve become a great team. Ben recently shot his first wedding and we are also booked to do a video for a local painting company. To see the wedding video Ben did click here.
We want to thank you so much for your generous support of our ministry and if you are able to make a year-end gift to Passion to Action, we would greatly appreciate your help as we begin to launch into 2013!  To donate – click here.

Have a great Christmas and a blessed New Year.

The Loeckens – Jay, Beth, Ben, Bekah, Abi & Noah