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One family makes a daring decision, discovers the power
of purpose, and encounters a God-sized passion for living.

Something kept pulling at Jay and Beth Loecken, telling them there’s more to life than the pursuit of a large home, nice cars, and all the trinketsand trappings for a suburban family of six. They felt something stirring, a feeling that God had a different purpose for them,and they knew they had to do something – something big – to get started.

Passion to Action is one ordinary family’s tale of pursuing an extraordinary dream. It’s a story about asking big questions, seeking answers every day, and along the way discovering a big faith.

What happens if you make a dramatic change? How does God sustain you in your new life? What will the people around you say? Find out for yourself what happens while reading about the journey of Jay and Beth Loecken. See just how far God takes them in their desire simply to serve -as a family- in soup kitchens, community projects, and churches across America.

Through the story of the Loeckens, see how God leads us to places we’d never imagine, be inspired to better live from your life’s passion.


This book is one more sign of a movement of revolutionary love that is spreading across the earth. Christians like the Loecken family are beginning to take Jesus seriously again, and to abandon the empty promises of materialism for the winsome freedom of the lilies and the sparrows. They are not judgmental, idealistic, or naive — they have simply found a Pearl that is worth leaving all the counterfeit splendor of this world to pursue. May their courage comfort those of us who are afflicted and afflict those of us who are comfortable.

Shane Claiborne

Author, Activist, and Recovering Sinner


The Loecken family doesn’t just believe our national creed … ‘that all men are created
equal’… they live it. Their actions affirm the dignity of those in need, and their story will
inspire you to do the same.

Dr. John Perkins

Pastor, Social Entrepreneur,
Author of Let Justice Roll Down


Jay and Beth Loecken’s lives were changed after a missions trip to Africa showed them
the importance of human relationships and the uselessness of our earthly possessions. They
sold everything they own and embarked on a tour performing random acts of kindness to
all that they met. Their amazing story will inspire you to appreciate the simple joy of
serving others.

Pastor Matthew Barnett

Co-Founder of The Dream Center


The Loecken family lives on purpose. This book, which tells their story, will inspire you
because they embody biblical passion and pursue relationships intentionally, courageously
and authentically. I have spent hours with Jay and Beth and I can assure you—they are the
real deal. The ideas in this book will move you to transform your passions into action, just
as they did.

Dr. Tim Elmor
President of
Author of Generation iY


Most of us take Jesus’ words with a grain of salt.  After all, he asked for some pretty extreme commitment.  Well Jay and Beth Loecken and family are not those people.  They have sold out and bought in.  They threw caution and comfort to the wind, and bet the farm, literally, that following Jesus was the adventure they wanted to live.  Goodbye house, hello RV.  You’re going to want to read their story.  Better yet, you’re going to want to meet this family.

Terry Esau

Author of Blue Collar God/White Collar God, Surprise Me, and Be The Surprise


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