Get Mobilized


[‘mobi,liz] – organize and encourage (people) to act in a concerted way in order to bring about a particular objective

The final goal of our mission is to mobilize. We accomplish this by hosting monthly service projects with our service partners. We desire to expose you to a variety of people groups and ministries that are making an impact in the community. Through our travels and experiences, we’ve found that people have a desire to serve, but often face obstacles, such as: not knowing where to get involved, not having the time to plan a service project or they are simply held back by fear.

However, we have seen when we invite people to join us in serving, these barriers are removed. Our desire is to impact the community, create a heart change in those who serve, as well as support our local service partners. The long-term goal is to see communities transformed as a result of people identifying their passion and putting it into action to serve others.

Finally, we intend to catapult you into action by organizing short-term mission experiences in an overseas context. Just as our lives were transformed by serving in Africa, our desire is to lead you to experience what God is doing outside the United States.