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Mean Street Ministry was founded in 2002 by James Fry. Every Monday and Tuesday night for the past eleven years they have served the homeless and working poor who make their homes in the motels along Colfax Avenue. In addition to this outreach, they also operate a food bank, run an after school meals ministry for hungry children, and operate a mentoring program to help empower the men and women they meet on the streets. They are also in the process of looking for a building so they can provide a transitional housing program for those in need who desire to get out of the cycle of poverty.

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Impact Orphans caters to the needs of orphaned youth, invests in transitioning foster youth (youth aging out of foster care without being adopted), and promotes permanent connections through coordinating services with private organizations and the Departments of Human Services. Current programs include a quarterly Kids Night Out and a quarterly meal delivery service (DINNER’S READY!) for foster and adoptive families, providing emotional and physical support for youth and families, and the organization’s newest program (MILE 61) that focuses on building relationships with youth who will age out of foster care without a family of their own. Research shows that a successful future is dependent on each youth having at least one lifelong connection to help them navigate an adult world. Impact Orphans wants to be that connection and envisions a time when every youth is safe and healthy, has hope for a bright future, and feels loved within a family.