Get Empowered


[em’pou(e)r] – enable (someone) to do (something)

Once we’ve been filled up with God’s love and passion, it’s crucial that we then pour out that love to others. James 2:17 says, “Faith without action is dead”. While we believe it’s important THAT we serve, we also believe it’s extremely important HOW we serve.

The second part of our mission is to empower you to serve others with dignity. We accomplish this by offering you the opportunity to go through the Passion to Action Study, which is designed to help you discover God’s heart, your purpose, and how to best serve others. The study flows out of the experiences and lessons we learned from serving around the country, as well as valuable insights from others who invested in us and taught us community development principals. We believe that in order for our service to have a long-term impact, it’s crucial that we equip you with these valuable principals.

We also empower by connecting you with service partners who are making an impact in the community. We desire to infuse them with volunteers and resources and allow those who serve to be exposed to new environments and people groups.