Jesus Was A Rebel or JWAR’s battle cry is to spread the radical life saving power of Jesus. Teaming with the Holy Spirit to rebel against the powers and systems of this world. To wake the souls of the sleeping giants which are His church. Replace fear with a deep bold courage and catapult in to action those who are stagnant, with joy as evidence of His power and presence in our lives.


Toth Ministries is committed to opening eyes and hearts to our potential as children of God. Their retreats and events are designed to make known the power of an intimate relationship with God made available through Christ. Their hope is to awaken God’s children to what Jesus makes possible for us everyday, starting today.


Amigos joins hands with the people of Palo Chino, Juarez, and the Sierra Madres by helping reclaim the dignity of the oppressed. They cultivate courage, hope and creativity by inspiring sustainable, organic growth. test.