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Justin Branham

Justin Branham

Justin is Chairman of the Board for Passion to Action. The past 12 years he has been incredibly blessed to be married to his wife Holly. They are privileged to be raising two beautiful children Molly Ruth (7), and Fletcher Paul (4).

Residing in Versailles, Kentucky Justin is the owner and President of J. Hamilton Homes, a general contracting business operating for over nine years. Building strong foundations of new beginnings for families to grow, and remodeling homes that are in need of a fresh perspective, Kingdom building is at the heart of the business, whether through sticks and bricks or hearts and souls.

Justin is humbled to help lead and support Passion to Action as they further Godʼs Kingdom through empowering and mobilizing those whose hearts have been moved to action. He is passionate about connecting with people throughout the country who are hungry for more, finding and calling out their gold, and helping them to discover more of Godʼs Kingdom, one awesome son and daughter at a time.

StrengthsFinder Top 5 Themes: empathy | positivity | adaptability | connectedness | responsibility

Brad Lenardson

brad[2]Brad is the director, protector, and servant of the rebellion for JWAR Ministries Inc, husband to Erin and father to Laine (10), and Tess (7).

After 14 years in the financial services industry Brad left Charles Schwab in July of 2011 to launch JWAR which focuses on encouraging and empowering organizational expressions of the Kingdom and launching, encouraging, and empowering communities of obsessed worshippers around the globe.  In addition Brad is part of Riffey Enterprises, a construction company based in Pendleton IN.

He and his family live in Noblesville IN and have been in the same home and church since moving to Noblesville in Dec of 2010.

At almost any point in time Brad can be found worshipping our God, enjoying a good laugh with a friend, or just laughing for no apparent reason.

Brad has been walking with Jay and Beth for a couple of years with a heart to see the Kingdom come into their lives and the lives of their children and he has a huge heart to see their family and P2A flourish spiritually, financially, and in joy!

Jay Loecken


Jay is a 20 year veteran sales and marketing leader with broad experience in both corporate and ministry organizations. He has deep experience in financial services, event management, marketing, business development, and corporate sales.  Prior to founding Passion to Action, Jay was a mortgage broker in Atlanta, GA where he closed over $91 million in loans.

Jay has also participated in global ministry efforts to reach people in Ireland, England, Germany, Scotland, France, Belgium, Holland, Singapore, Malaysia, and Turkey. He also led a family mission trip to Kenya in 2007, which was the genesis for Passion to Action.

StrengthsFinder Top 5 Themes: activator | maximizer | communication | strategic | WOO